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A Few Problems We Solve
Process Optimization
We are the subject matter experts of Process Optimization. We have custom tools developed for process optimization. These tools allow us to be very effective at identifying problems and correcting them to help you lower your cost and become more efficient. We apply Lean Principles and Modern Manufacturing best practices to put your current and future processes on the correct path.
Warehouse Optimization
The landscape is changing rapidly for Logistics Management. Today products must be moved fast and efficiently both physically and systematically while maintaining inventory accuracy. NMotion has the expertise and tools to show you how to make your warehouse more efficient while reducing travel, pick time, put away time, by adjusting the flow of your warehouse based on demand modeling and forecast.
Leadership Training
Sometimes the biggest change a company can invest in is the training of leadership. Creating a playbook and training your leadership to execute to it can be the difference between success and failure.
Marketing Strategies
Today you have to look at where your company has been, where it is at, and where it wants to be. We can help you identify current trends within your market and help you adjust your business to current needs and requirements resulting in a long term solution aimed at bringing in additional customers as well as earning additional business from current customers.
Project Management
Whether you are on boarding a new customer, implementing a new process, bringing on a new system, or just need someone to manage a project, we have you covered. We can cover everything from small projects to large programs.
Revenue Optimization
NMotion understands the difficulty of predicting consumer behavior and shifting your business or process to these changes. We are good at monitoring trends in multiple markets and by analyzing these trends we are able to provide accurate forecasting for your business. We also know how difficult it is to determine the type of impact a customer, project, or process will have on your business now and in the long term but with demand modeling and forecasting along side our tools techniques we can put you on the right path.
Success in business is greatly impacted for better or worse by the way in which we communicate within our business and externally to customers. It also promotes creativity, positive team relationships, and a better work environment.
We solving problems. Here is our approach.
We approach all issues and problems the same whether it is company culture, a process, NPI, Systems, Leadership, or any other problem. Our 6 step process is Lean Inspired and with those concepts and principles and our tools and strategies we are able to provide solutions for your problems.
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Proprietary Tools
So how do we find problems and fix them? Outside of our expertise and know how, we have proprietary software solutions that allow us to see what is happening now, what will happen if we make a change, and how it will effect the future of your business, process, or project now and in the long term.
Continuous Support
It takes a lot of time and money to make changes significant enough to make an impact on a business. When you hire our expertise, you're not just investing in us but you're also investing in your future. When we complete our project you will still have access to all of the data, programs, projects, and tools that were used to provide a solution to keep your business on track.
Cloud Based Platform
We have designed our entire platform in the cloud. This gives you project progress visibility from any where at any time. This also allows for collaboration between you and us from any location. We have designed our data collecting and analytical tools in the cloud as well so data can be viewed in real time.
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